since 1997

Evergrande Property Services is a subsidiary of China Evergrande Group, a Fortune 500 company. It began providing property management services in 1997 and operates its business in over 290 cities in China as a comprehensive property management service provider with nearly 50,000 employees and mid-level managers composed of highly qualified and highly educated professionals with more than 95% of whom hold a bachelor degree or above.As of December 31, 2023, the company's business covers more than 310 major cities in China, with a contract area of 800 million square meters, and an area under management of about 532 million square meters. It manages nearly 3,000 projects, serves more than 3.6 million owners, and manages business types including housing, business writing, theme parks, industrial parks, and health and wellness projects. As well as schools, hospitals, banks, government buildings, high-speed railways, airports, scenic spots and so on.

Evergrande Property Services has been committed to“conscientious services and heartfelt companionship”. We are customer-centric and result-oriented, in relentless pursuit of scalable development, standardized operation, professional services and intelligent management. We strive to create happy communities with premium living environment and cultural values. Our dedication to quality has earned us extensive market recognition.


90000 employees


In the tube project
of nearly 3000


Businesses covering more
than 310 cities nationwide

800 Million

A total contracted area of over
800 million square meters