Build a high-end business space with originality

With many years of business operation and management experience, we have been centering on customers to constantly explore the needs of business space management scenarios, aimed at creating a high-quality, intelligent, refined, full-cycle comprehensive service platform. We provide customers with basic property services such as security order maintenance, environmental management, customer service, equipment operation and maintenance, as well as space asset management services, large-scale event support services, smart platform services, pre-project services, investment operation services, leasing and selling services and other full-life cycle comprehensive management services. It has been improving its business operation ability to make customers' assets more valuable.

Model projects: Evergrande Plaza (Chengdu), Evergrande Zhongyu Plaza (Chongqing), Hefei Evergrande Center, and Hefei Evergrande Plaza (Hefei).

With Ingenuities
Create a High-End Commercial
& Enterprise Space