Project Maintenance Services
Make living more assured with full-cycle engineering maintenance

①Pre-Project Service

We provide developers with pre-project services in newly built residences and super high-rise commercial complexes. It puts forward project planning and design advice from the perspective of customers to optimize construction costs and enhance customers’  living comfort and product added-value.

②Delivery Check & Acceptance Service

We would propose a high-standard inspection scheme before the buildings are delivered by the developers, focusing on the inspection and control of indoor civil construction, decoration, doors and windows, waterproofing and heating, so as to strictly control the quality of the buildings delivered, realize high-quality delivery, and make property owners more satisfied.

③Equipment & Facility Maintenance Service

Adhering to the principle of "prevention first, maintenance second", we carry out scientific full-cycle management of equipment and standardized inspection, maintenance, repair and renovation to ensure safe operation of equipment and facilities.

④Housing Maintenance Service

We provide property owners with a full range of after-sales quality assurance services for finely decorated housing. Our staff would timely arrive on the scene after receiving property owners’ repair report, carefully arrange inspection, and efficiently organize maintenance, so as to provide most timely and best professional services for property owners.